Mission & Vision

Our Managing Director has a creed that he has lived by and grown this business with.


"One never stands taller or more firmly grounded, than when they are standing on their principles"


Our vision for Digitrac is one of the hardest things to put into words.  Growing a business isn't easy, planning ahead for that business is even more difficult.  So many unforseen obstacles we have traversed thus far, but we will continue on our path.  We have grown many mutually beneficial business relationships with our clients, where the client becomes more than just an invoice and phonecall.  


Our mission is: 


"To stand proud of what we have acheived, in a crowded market, to be distinguished amongst our competitors and to deliver a service that is reliable, trustworthy & honest.  To market & support a product that we believe in, a product that proves it's value time and time again."

Company Profile

The MD of Digitrac has been with Digitrac since the beginning, it has been a labour of love, nurturing Digitrac through it's early stages was tough, but well worth it when we see the amazement on our clients faces when we deliver our well reputed service. 


Digitrac was started in March 2009, registered as a closed corporation or cc.  Our first invoice was dated 14/05/2009 and involved the sale of a single unit to a privately owned SME on the East Rand of Johannesburg.  That client is still with us today and our MD attended his wedding in 2012.  


From humble beginnings in small offices on the East Rand, our business grew slowly in the first year, trying to dent an existing market is difficult.  Digitrac surely started making a name for itself in the 3rd quarter of 2010 when business growth was impressive. 


Becoming a familiar name in the industry had many benefits and involved the signing of a few corporate companies based largely in Johannesburg, but also regionally.  


In the 2nd quarter of 2013, Digitrac did it's first few international deals in Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland.   Since then the international market for our product has shown pleasing growth.  However, we do tend to focus more on product development for a local market that has to withstand cross border tendancies, like diesel siphoning at Beit Bridge and a few other border posts.  


The development of our product and the software that accompanies it is an ongoing process.  We endeavour to look upon our clients with favour in 20 years time and offer a hearfelt thank-you for your loyalty and your support.

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