Electronic Logbook

In accordance with SARS regulations, you need to keep a log of all business trips for that specific tax period.  Including recording your mileage on the 1st day of the tax period, as well as the last day of the tax period.  


People who travel the country via road for business, see many people a day, they often don't have time or forget to record the start odometer reading or distance travelled.   At Digitrac we understand the importance of keeping an accurate logbook, with all the necessary details as required by SARS.  We also understand that you have a busy lifestyle and this sort of procedure when done manually can be time consuming and irritating. 

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The Electronic logbook facility is a by-product of the Digit tracking system, meaning that you have added benefits from your tracking system.  Not only can the device secure your vehicle and family, it also makes your life easier.






  • Start and Stop time of each trip

  • Start and Stop location of each trip

  • Start and Stop odometer reading for each trip

  • Distance travelled

  • Time spent travelling 

  • Time spent at the clients premises

  • Which route was travelled










  • Daily trip reports

  • Weekly trip reports

  • Monthly trip reports

  • Annual trip reports

  • Summarised accounts for all of the above

  • Expense report indicating expenses incurred for the running of the vehicle during the tax period








  • Notes can be added to each trip indicating the purpose for the trip, who you met with etc.

  • Automated start/stop trip allocation Eg. Home to Office is allocated as Private use

  • All reports are printable and can be exported to Microsoft Excel for more customisation

The logbook will give you acess to the following information
The software can generate the following reports in terms of logbooks and expenditure
The software includes the following features for logbooks

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