Historical Data

The Historical data collected by the unit is transferred to one of two secure servers, based either in Cape Town or Johannesburg.  Once downloaded the data is stored locally on your computer until you choose to export it or delete it.  Giving you the control to access data offline from your laptop or desktop computer.  Historical data can also be viewed online through our web interface which is available for browsers ranging from smartphones, tablets, smart TV's etc.

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Trip reports

Trip reports can be extracted from the software showing a range of information regarding the movements of the vehicle for the day, week or month.  Annual trip reports are available too should you wish to submit an electronic log book to your employer, employees or relevant revenue authorities to which it is mandatory when claiming for mileage travelled. The daily trip report shows the following information on a per trip basis;


  • Start Location

  • Stop Location

  • Start & Stop time

  • Distance from start to stop location

  • Park time at the stop location

  • Travel time from start to stop location

  • Maximum speed reached 

  • Start odometer and end odometer  

  • Start hours and end hours (Plant equipment)

  • Trip type (Private or business)  


The system also calculates and displays accumulative totals for each field which is summarised on the report too, giving you the following information for the day, week or month.


  • Total travel time 

  • Total distance travelled     

  • End of day odometer value 

  • End of day hour value

  • Kilometers remaining before next service                                           

Exception reports

Exception reports make managing your vehicles extremely easy, only needing to react when the system confirms abuse for you.  Speed reports are available in the software indicating exactly where each breech of speed limit occured along the journey.  When vehicles enter or leave selected locations, the system will automatically send you an e-mail notifying you that the vehicle is in a NO-GO Zone, or at a mandatory vehicle inspection site on highways etc.  


List of currentlyavailable exception reports;


  • Vehicle speed report

  • Vehicle expense report

  • Vehicle usage report

  • Driver trip report

  • Custom trip report

  • Operator license report

  • Vehicle license report

  • Vehicle service report (odometer and hours)

  • Fuel/Trip reports*

  • Temperature report*


*requires additional hardware fitment


Custom Reports

Custom reports can be entered and saved into the software making it easy to run queries specific to your needs.  For instance, you could ask the system how many times a vehicle parked at a certain client for more than a predetermined time.   How many times was that client visited in a specific billing period and how long did your staff spend on-site.

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