Product Overview

The system is designed as an automatic fully electronic logbook, which will record every journey a vehicle makes.  Where it started from and at what time, the route it travelled, at what speeds, where it stopped and how long it parked there before commencing the next trip.

The system includes PC software and mapping, all the calculations, routes, maps, graphs and reports are generated locally making the software exceptionally faster than a web based equivalent.  Knowing where your vehicles are, is key to your operational safety and efficiency.   The software constantly receives update feeds from both servers to ensure that the information you are looking at is most recent.  The system will also indicate how old the current displayed data is.  When mobile, the devices update at an average of 20 seconds, often more frequently, and every 5 minutes when stationary.


When in the live tracking mode, you can simultaneously track your fleet, or focus on one vehicle at a time.  The system can be configured to communicate with the operator of the software in the event of a vehicle or vehicles arriving at certain locations, not recquiring the operators full attention all the time, the software can either display an on screen message, play a sound file or send you an e-mail in the event of one of your parameters being breeched or met. 


The software is complete and does come with it's own mapset of South Africa.  For the client that would like to track throughout Southern Africa, the Garmin mapset is compatible with the software and can be loaded in a matter of seconds.  


There are also a range of free mapsets downloadable off the net that cover various regions of the world. 


Software & Data access

The software is designed to do all the work for you, and with the easy to navigate click button interface, accessing all the features of the software is now just a click away.  All the trip information can be viewed as a list of events in a spreadsheet format, a series of graphs representing speed and acceleration or as a route on a map.


Any report can be generated either using the custom report function or by exporting the data to Microsoft Excel. 

System information

The heart of a tracking solution is the hardware device or "black box" as it's commonly referred to.  The system has been developed from scratch to be technically the strongest, most reliable, quality product. 


Our devices are locally manufactured in Johannesburg, South Africa.  


All devices carry ISO9001:2000 approval and are rigorously tested before being sold to the end user, ensuring that the client receives the best possible combination of electronics possible!

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